01.  BIOS Message "Portwell, Inc. PCOM-BA01 BIOS Rev.: R1.00.E1 ( 08132020 )".02.  BIOS Message "Portwell, Inc. PCOM-BA01 TEST BIOS ( 90902T00 )".03.  Base on PCOM-BA01 R1.00.E0 BIOS04.  Default XHCI Compliance Mode Disable05.  Update PMIC F/W to 03.1F.00 for I2C issue06.  Support uCode M03506CA-1607.  Support Change uCode M03506C9 to 3608.  Support "SPD Write Disable" Item09.  Support Change uCode M03506C9 to 3810.  Update PW Codebase_08 for SATA issue11.  Rename OEM base board product name to PCOM-BA01.12.  Add FITC setting file to "PCOM-BA01_TXE_3.1.65.2317_1x8MB_00.xml"13.  Support eAPI Boot Counter Function in EC RAM for PW Codebase_0814.  Fix system hang 0x2E after updating codebase15.  Fix temperature unit display issue16.  Support "Active LFP" in Oem Page17.  Default "Active LFP" to "No LVDS"18.  Support both of New and Old memory chip19.  Fix Display Port only work when hot-plug20.  Add 64bits GOP version 10.0.1037.

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